The Central on grind core, jazz, and that underdog feeling

“When Furillo and Roberts play live, the duo seem content to avoid being faithful to the recorded work. What they lack in a live bassist, they make up with connectivity and improvisation. Furillo's urgent screams channel the urgency of old hardcore, while his mangled and angular guitar work speeds over Roberts' meter-shattering rhythms in a motorcycle lean.” 

"On this year's Discovery Of A Rat, Madison art-grind duo The Central melt the framework of traditional grindcore, weaving machine-gun drum blasts and blurry guitar shrapnel into a patchwork of unexpected zones. But whether you're getting math-blasting punishment and frantic screams on "Aku Law" or a slanted and sunny prog-punk tune complete with clean vocal hooks and harmonies on "Totem Bowl, one thing's for certain—guitarist-vocalist Frankie Furillo and drummer Alex Roberts know how to syncopate to devastating effect. In "DeathJazz Now," Furillo's nasty riffing smashes hard into Roberts' rapid-fire drum clatter, preferring a boldly loose swing to his blasts to militant pummeling. Meanwhile, "Feelings" drops into some bizarre merging of jangled post-hardcore and leisurely guitar-pop, with restrained falsetto vocal lines and deceptively sunny chords."


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