The Central is an Experimental Grind project founded in late 2010 by guitar/vocalist Frankie Furillo and drummer Alex Roberts. The band is heavily inspired by a wide variety of genres such as classical Indian music, soul, classic pop, jazz, country, punk and extreme metal. This results in The Central's eclectic and often unidentifiable sound that leaves live show attendees in awe. As of 2018, the group has released 3 full-length albums and a handful of extended plays that have gained national attention; The Central's Discovery Of A Rat (2016) received notable praise in local hardcore circles, being included on WSUM, Heavy Blog Is Heavy, Tone Madison, and Mathcore Index's top albums of the year lists.  



9.19.19 Madison, WI Mickey's Tavern

9.30.19 Madison, WI High Noon Saloon

10.11.19 Madison, WI Barley Pop

10.19 Madison, WI Metal Brunch 

11.8 Madison, WI Art-In

12.14 Madison, WI Bos Meadery 





The Central on grind core, jazz, and that underdog feeling

“When Furillo and Roberts play live, the duo seem content to avoid being faithful to the recorded work. What they lack in a live bassist, they make up with connectivity and improvisation. Furillo's urgent screams channel the urgency of old hardcore, while his mangled and angular guitar work speeds over Roberts' meter-shattering rhythms in a motorcycle lean.” 

"On this year's Discovery Of A Rat, Madison art-grind duo The Central melt the framework of traditional grindcore, weaving machine-gun drum blasts and blurry guitar shrapnel into a patchwork of unexpected zones. But whether you're getting math-blasting punishment and frantic screams on "Aku Law" or a slanted and sunny prog-punk tune complete with clean vocal hooks and harmonies on "Totem Bowl, one thing's for certain—guitarist-vocalist Frankie Furillo and drummer Alex Roberts know how to syncopate to devastating effect. In "DeathJazz Now," Furillo's nasty riffing smashes hard into Roberts' rapid-fire drum clatter, preferring a boldly loose swing to his blasts to militant pummeling. Meanwhile, "Feelings" drops into some bizarre merging of jangled post-hardcore and leisurely guitar-pop, with restrained falsetto vocal lines and deceptively sunny chords."



Sick and Dying Review (translated from French)

"The Central is a very productive Wisconsin guitar / drums duo since its debut (many EPs and albums) and ultra inventive, mixing math rock and more post-hardcore influences (with many other more or less experimental sounds). Discovered for my part with their previous album Discovery Of A Rat (2016), this Sick And Dying continues in the same wake, consisting of moments of madness alongside other more atmospheric, all with a maximum of unexpected ..."



The Central - Grindcore and more (Sick and Dying Review)

“On Sick and Dying, The Central basically divide their sound in three.  One sound is the aformentioned grind, a jazz spazz splash built on the foundation set by Dillinger Escape Plan and old Slap-a-Ham records that is all the rage these days.  Short, frenetic stop/starts, 180 degree turns in song structure, blitzing guitar runs, spastic drumming, and screamy, Johnny Whitney-esque vocals, with a little bit of In on the Killtaker-era Fugazi guitar rhythms helping to anchor things down.  The Central do grind with a wall of sound approach, with less focus on soloing and more on developing a whirlwind atmosphere.  This sound is evident on “Polio Dancer,” “Whatever Happens,” and the muscular “Infinite Pockets” – it hits you quick and dirty but leaves a lasting impression.”

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(Discovery Of A Rat Review)

"It is no small challenge for bands to find a way to sonically distinguish themselves from the legions of acts in their genre. There’s no shortage of ways (intentional or not) for groups to get this done, but in the past ten years or so, we’ve been hearing bands more frequently pull from unusual and atypical influences, bringing about a “What the hell is this?” line of thinking more and more often. Whether it’s a mixture of seemingly incongruent styles in the overlap of some wacky Venn diagram like this year’s fantastic Zeal and Ardor release Devil is Fine, or Between the Buried and Me’s spontaneous (and quite addictive) polka/circus/surf segues, it’s proven that there’s reward for ambitious risk-taking. As a result, it seems as though the metal community as a whole has adjusted their tastes. There’s more open-mindedness for things that stray from the path, and that’s exactly where Madison, Wisconsin grind duo The Central excel on their latest release, Discovery Of A Rat."



(live show review)

"The Central, out of Wisconsin, joined Closet Witch for this tour. The duo sound like a screamy version of Japandroids that gave zero fucks about traditional time signatures. They provided a manic rock frenzy that didn’t just take you for a ride, it locked you in the trunk and took you on a disorienting jaunt down the road.”


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As an acclaimed and talented Rock Band, the members of The Central have produced an eclectic mix of studio and live recordings that are synonymous with their signature sound. Appealing to fans worldwide, their collection of songs are a testament to the depth and diversity of their creativity and hard work. Explore their discography below.



S/R 2019

1. Browne's Crystal (3:19)
2. Arob's Corner (1:25)
3. Grind Selective (2:08)
4. Eight Van Convoy (5:10)
5, Hey Margaret (5:35)
6. Ladies (2:06)
7. General Eyes (1:30)
8. Normal (2:46)
9. Sunrise (3:57)



Sassbologna Records Feb 2018

1. Polio Dancer (4:31)
2. Sick and Dying Pt. 1 (2:21)
3. Whatever Happens (2:34)
4. Peace At Home (3:01)
5. Quiet Mouse In Muscatine (7:00)
6. Infinite Pockets (0:35)
7. Sick and Dying Pt. 2 (1:26)
8. Aqua Fear (3:25)



Blue Bedroom Records Sep. 2016

1. Australian Karate Jew (2:54)
2. Aku Law (3:37)
3. Totem Bowl (4:03)
4. Thai Guy (2:11)
5. Pop Culture Prostitue  (1:11)
6. DeathJazz Now (2:19)
7. Pallet Cleaner (1:37)
8. Statues (3:25)
9. Name To Impress (2:41)
10. Perverts (0:35)
11. Feelings (5:27)
12. Dirty Scoundrel (6:10)



Sentinel Studios Dec 2014

(Split with Capitol Swizzle Credit)

1. Blackened (2:32)

2. Aluminum Cage (0:18)

3. Post Sentinel - Captiol Swizzle Credit (5:53)



Central Inc. June 2013

1. Remember Markly (2:44)
2. Decolumbian (2:54)
3. Death Blow (3:02)
4. Time To Die (1:41)
5. Five Fuckery (3:20)
6. Murder Of 1000 (3:58)
7. Jesus/Violence (3:22)
8. Beekeeper (4:08)
9. Witchkraft (6:55)



Madison, WI, USA


@2019 The Central